Remix tracks for Brian Eno and David Byrne online


Some musicians are forward thinkers, others aren’t. You’d certainly drop Brian Eno into the former category, so it’s no surprise that, along with David Byrne, he’s launching an interactive music site that allows aspiring DJs the chance to remix and sample remastered tracks from the My Life in the Bush of Ghosts album.

All site visitors will be able to download all the multitracks of two of the songs, then edit, remix or sample them in any way they like to change the song or make a brand new one. Once completed, you can upload your work to a forum for feedback and discussion.

It’s all being done to celebrate the re-launch of the album, 25 years on from its original release. The idea of opening up the music is in keeping with the experimental nature of the album. In addition to the remixing, users can also download tracks in order to create their own videos for the music – again, these can be uploaded to the website when complete.

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