Want to be a pop star?


Once, a career in music was all about hard graft, rides in old Transit vans and life-risking gigs in drinking dens up and down the land. Then the internet came along and we all saw the Arctic Monkeys make it look easy. Now Channel 4’s Popworld is making it even easier (if you’re any good) with Popworld Promotes.

The idea is to give the public that the chance to vote online for a new band, with Popworld giving the top rated act some public exposure. Bands can upload their music at the website, with tracks open to the public vote via web or text.

The band with the most votes will be selected each month to become part of the "Popworld Elite" programme and will make their first TV appearance on the Popworld show. The first monthly winning band will appear in its first Popworld Promotes live gig at the Hard Rock Café on 24th April 2006.

Think you can cut it? Visit www.popworldpromotes.com to upload your music in the first instance. Or if you’re not in a band, nip over and vote for your favourite. You could be in on the next big thing.

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Dave Walker
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