Mobiles to wipe out cameras and MP3 players?

Mobile phones

According to a new survey, mobile phones look set to replace the standalone digital camera and the MP3 player in the near future. But before you ditch the devices, note that the survey was undertaken by Nokia.

Even so, with improvements in on-board cameras and with great storage and functionality for music, it wouldn’t be a surprise to see integrated devices dominating. Around 44 per cent of people already use their handset as their main camera, while 67 per cent of those questioned said they expected their phone to replace their portable music player. Another growing area is web browsing on the phone – now done regularly by a third of those surveyed.

Even watches and clocks are under threat – 72 per cent of those questioned in the survey use their phone as their alarm clock, and 73 per cent use it instead of a wristwatch.

What do you think – is this just promotional nonsense by Nokia or will integrated devices see off individual gadgets in the near future? Let us know your thoughts below.

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