Mio unveils C210 Sat Nav for less than £200


Belgian technology firm Mio Technology has launched the C210 Sat Nav system, featuring all the navigations basic, but with a very competitive £199 price tag.

This SiRFstarIII GPS receiver features a 400 MHz processor, a 2.7-inch screen and an SD slot for data storage. It also uses seven digit postcode recognition, rather than the six digits used by some software. This means it locates an address to within a few metres, while six digits covers a number of streets.

With an optional Traffic Messaging Channel (TMC) antenna plugged in, the C210 can receive live updates of traffic problems and hotspots, planning new routes if required. There’s also a safety camera database alerting drivers of camera locations, with the ability to add new cameras (there’s a free database update for one year).

It runs on four AA batteries, which provide over 4.5 hours of navigation on foot with the backlight on and GPS function at full power. An in-car charger provides power when on the road. It’s available to order now.

Mio website

Via The Register

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