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I liked the stylish look of the egg-shaped Eclipse TD508II Time Domain speakers – and if you’ve picked up a pair, you’ll undoubtedly want a look at the Eclipse TD725sw Time Domain subwoofer, claimed to be the first and only subwoofer fast enough to match the lighting-quick response of the speakers and ideal if you want to create a complete 5.1 and 7.1 surround system.

The Eclipse TD725sw delivers ultra-fast, incredibly clean, accurate reproduction in the deep bass region and although dveloped for the Time Domain speakers, will integrate with any high-end loudspeaker. When in use, the drive-unit stays still – only the cone moves and no energy is lost into the cabinet – the cabinet contributes nothing to the sound and all you hear is the bass.

The TD725sw is cube-shaped to give maximum internal volume, with Eclipse designed digital electronics taking up minimum space and isolated against vibration. The TD725sw also features the Eclipse R2R twin driver technology, back to back drivers with alloy brace bar and a 500 watt Eclipse digital amplifier.

It should be available in July, priced around £2700.

Eclipse website

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