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You can be as minimalist as you like with your home furnishings, but if you’re a music fan, you can can’t get away from those piles of CDs cluttering up the place. So wouldn’t it be great if you could store them all on one big server, easily accessible throughout the house at the touch of the button?

That’s the thinking behind Kaleidescape’s new music server. Kaleidescape has already made its name with the movie storage system, previewed last year on Tech Digest. The music system follows a similar idea and can be added to any new or existing Kaleidescape system. Using the Kaleidescape Music Server software, Music Player, Music Guide Service, and updated control system programs, you can flip through album covers or browsing music lists with a touchscreen user interface, with immediate playback of any album or track. You can also create playlists and mix albums from your collection.

Kaleidescape Music Player features four fully-independent music zones in the home (more can be added) for listening to music. Importing music is simple via a built-in disc reader. Once added, all information about that CD – album name, artist, song title, detailed album reviews, high-resolution cover art – will be available to you on your screen.

Combined movie/music Kaleidescape systems are available in two new off-the-shelf configurations. The KS4000 includes storage for up to 150 DVDs or 1,800 music CDs, while the KS4500 includes storage for up to 375 DVDs or 4,500 music CDs. More Servers can be added to a System for storing even larger collections. For prices, see your local dealer or visit the website.

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