DS Lite makes its UK debut


After a long and painful wait, the DS Lite has made its way across the globe and landed on UK shores. The ladies of Shiny Shiny had their chance to play with the console a couple of weeks ago and GadgetCentre got
theirs yesterday. On the off chance that you haven’t heard of this
latest handheld console from Nintendo, the grandfather of all things
console; it is a newly revamped edition of the very successful Nintendo
DS which uniquely features dual screens and ground-breaking touch
screen functionality.

If the original DS has one weakness it is that, in an age where gadgets
must be sleek and stylish, it is about as sexy a brick. All that has
changed now because the DS Lite is a console you’ll be proud to be seen
with. But now that it looks so good, deciding between the sleek black
(or ceramic white) PlayStation Portable and the sleek white (or unique
European black) DS Lite is so much harder. Luckily the guys at GadgetCentre have weighed up the pros and cons of each, which should ease the agony of choice. Read the full article here.

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