Write for our footy blog Bratwurst and also be the UK's first mobile football blogger and we'll give you £500 to do it.

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Ok, so there might be a lot of World Cup competitions around, but this is the coolest by far. How would you like to write for Who ate all the Bratwurst? as well as be the first footy blogger in the UK to go mobile?

And guess what we’ll pay you £500 to do it.

We are looking for four bloggers to write for both Bratwurst and our mobile sister blog Germany 2006 which will be available via the fantastic Mobizines. We want bloggers who can great write great short posts about anything and everything to do with the World Cup.

There are four spaces up for grabs and you can find all the details here.

The basics though is that you need to do write up to 300 impassioned, maybe witty words about something to do with football or the World Cup.

Germany 2006 will be on Mobizines, which is a fantastic new mobile phone application that offers magazines to go on your handset.

You can read all about how Mobizines work here and what we said about it when it launched here.

So £500 and you could be on your way to be the next Motty. What have you got to lose?

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