Bored of your job? That's because you computer is old


That’s right, growing tired of the daily rat race has nothing to do with waist-high piles of paper work, self assessments, productivity meetings and performance quotas; it is actually because your computer is out of date. According to ViewSonic, who coincidently manufacture some rather snazzy computer screens, 39% of office workers are damaging their health, productivity and motivation due to old IT equipment.

Independent research found that workers with old computers take more sick leave, rate their productivity as lower and suffer more from ‘screen envy’ when they see their boss has a better computer. Ironically, although UK workers consider using outdated IT as the most annoying factor of office life, we are among the most likely to have IT equipment less than a year old. And people say that we whinge.

Like the respondents in the ViewSonic survey, I am very sure that my quality of work, productivity and demeanour would improve dramatically is someone were to buy me…ooh I don’t know… an XPS 600 Renegade. However I shall have to stick with my battered old PC for now.

Anyway let’s have a quick survey to see who has the oldest piece of computing equipment – drop you answers in the comments section.

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One thought on “Bored of your job? That's because you computer is old

  • Younger companies have newer computers. Staff of younger companies produce more and earn more. People who earn more have better health. People who earn more are better educated. People with better health and education live longer. Ergo : give a person a new computer and they’ll end up being 80 years + reading Kant.

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