Generally speaking Propellerhead avoids computer games like the plague; we’re easily distracted and end up wasting hours playing the damn things, but Word Craft is an exception because it really makes you think, so it’s probably quite good for our aging and increasingly befuddled brains. As the name implies it’s a word game, but with a difference.

Your job is to make words — three letters or more, from a grid of letters but you have to be quick. When you make a word the letters heat up and change, but if you allow them to cool, by not using them, eventually they become frozen and when they’re all frozen it’s

game over. It’s really addictive and now that the trial hour has almost run out we’re seriously thinking of shelling out $20 for the fully registered version to keep the old grey matter working. For more PC Tips and Tweaks visit the BootLog website.

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