Sagem's limited edition myC2-3 England World Cup mobile

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In case you’ve been living in isolation for the last 6 months, it’s the World Cup soon and manufacturers are busy branding anything that moves with a St George’s flag in the hope of adding a few sales over the coming weeks. One such item is this Sagem myC2-3 mobile, available for a limited time in the England colours.

As a phone, it’s not all that – a colour screen, WAP, polyphonic ringtones and a couple of games is about all you get on this dual-band model. But think about it as a novelty phone for down the pub during the World Cup. And if it gets damaged during the crush at the bar or celebrations after England’s opening goal against Paraguay, it isn’t your expensive, fully-featured phone you have to replace.

The  myC2-3 with a St Georges Cross facia is available now with a T-Mobile PAYG tariff at Woolworths for £59.99, but is only available until June.

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