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The video below is of Apple’s new store grand opening, on the famed 5th Avenue in New York City. The poor chap who filmed the 3.5 min video stood in line for 3 hours before being able to squeeze his pimply Steve Jobs-Loving ass in amongst the other fan-boys. The things we do for love, eh? [Katherine Hannaford]

Bling Bling, an American crack-addict, has been circulating the ‘net for the past few weeks for his Jackass-style antics. Err, involving crack, that is. Watch this video to see the addict tied to a pole with his rocks just out of arms reach, and another junkie beating the life out of an innocent woman’s car. Bling Bling, the new Johnny Knoxville? I doubt I’ll be buying a calendar with his ugly mug all over it.

Myspace – The movie. Need I say more? It’s got Myspace camera angles, forwarded emails, and best of all, everyone’s beeessst friend, Tom. The only thing missing is a coupla angsty black nailed teens.

Keeping on with the Myspace theme, simple because, well, lol, U n00b, U kno Y!!1!1! We’ve found ‘Myspace Junkie’, a realistic portrayal of a myspace addict who craves the cold, sharp needle of Tom’s bulletins and daily music updates. The video could possibly be used to warn your kids against the dangers of the ever-addictive Myspace site. Or get them hooked.

Want to see some gamers getting PWND? Click on this link to see what happens when you abuse your character a little too much. R0x0r j00r b0x0rz’s off, eh?

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