Mobile TV "crap" and "like bad porn" says, er, a user

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Just one, anyway. As part of design firm Alloy’s presentation at today’s MEX conference, they showed a video snippet of one mobile user trying to watch TV on a 3G handset. And you could say they weren’t impressed:

"That is just crap! That is shit! I can’t see anything, the sound’s all distorted, the image is severely pixelated, and it makes you want to be sick. It’s like when you get on one of those bad porn sites and you try and download something. If that’s what streaming is, I’d never even think about going there, let alone paying for it.”

Oof! This isn’t picking on the networks or TV providers but it does cast some interesting light on the current hype surrounding mobile TV. And we certainly won’t be surfing those bad porn sites any time soon…

Stuart Dredge
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