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Blogging all things live and exclusive in the world of digital downloads, I’ve searched for the best tracks for your aural pleasure. Enjoy!

Britters Athlete have released an exclusive EP on Apple iTunes, 5 live songs for a teensy $4.49 – So much cheaper if you convert back to pounds!

Apple iTunes are offering a free download of ‘Steady, As She Goes’, the Raconteurs’ new single – Thought they had to change their name as another band had taken it before them? What happened?

Pre-order the Incubus-alike Hoobastank’s latest album, ‘Every Man For Himself’, and get a bonus track free – If you can wait until May 16th, when the album is released on iTunes.

Jump onto the Tom Cruis-azy bandwagon and download Kanye West‘s theme track to Mission Impossible 3, an exclusive to iTunes
– That’s if you can live with the guilt of supporting TomKat’s Scientology spending.

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