Warner to offer movie downloads using Bit Torrent


Warner Brothers is to start selling film downloads via the net using the same technology once blamed for creating the illegal movie download market. It has reached a deal with Bit Torrent, which uses peer-to-peer technology for fast distribution of large files.

Warner, whose catalogue includes the Harry Potter movies, says users will be able to buy downloads of films and TV shows on the same day they hit DVD, The bad news is probably price, with feature films likely to cost around the same as the DVD release, though TV shows will be considerably less – in the US, a price of one dollar has been floated.

The downloads will only play on the initial computer used for the download – so no chance of burning a copy for your living room DVD player. It’s likely that other studios will now launch similar services in the belief that most movie fans will pay a premium price for a legal download rather than rish receving a poor quality version, possibly containing a virus.

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Dave Walker
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