Pantech shows off PC-2800 mobile phone with finger writing texting

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  South Korean mobile phone maker Pantech has shown off a handset featuring "finger writing recognition", which the company claims is "unique" and something that could change the way we text on our mobiles.

You can still text via keys with the PC-2800, but the clamshell’s touch-sensitive keypad also lets you draw out characters with your fingers, with software translating your strokes into numbers and letters.

The phone itself is a fairly standard tri-band GSM phone with a 2-inch, 262,144-colour main display and a 1.2-inch, 65,536 secondary panel. There’s also a 1.3MP camera.

As yet, there’s no details on price or if this phone will make it to the UK.

Pantech website

Via The Register

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One thought on “Pantech shows off PC-2800 mobile phone with finger writing texting

  • My 30 (!) year old “Casio DB” watch could do this already, so i already asked myself for quite some time when will this incredible “innovation” hitting the market. Jesus – possibly i am just to old for todays IT market innovations … and BTW: Casio filed a patent on “finger on a watch writing” (i have read it) 30 years ago. It could reocognize 0-9 and A-Z (uppercase only) by a 4×4 capacitive/resitive field array etched onto the glass. It was quite reliable and had a good recognition rate. I will try to reactivate the watch with a new battery, possibly it still works.

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