T-Mobile reveals Impactica ShowMate for BlackBerry

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It’s always nice to see an accessory which isn’t for an iPod – this one is for the increasingly popular BlackBerry phones which, if somehow you haven’t heard of them yet, made their way into our hearts by offering an up-to-the-minute email forwarding service called Push email.

Because BlackBerrys are now part of the business professional’s very life blood, T-Mobile has partnered with Impactica to release a plug and play device for projecting PowerPoint presentations directly from your BlackBerry via Bluetooth without the need for a laptop. If that doesn’t make your pitch look slick nothing will.

It uses Bluetooth to connect to the BlackBerry wirelessly and plugs straight into the back of the projector. The ShowMate itself is fairly small, weighing in at 255g and has easily pocketable dimensions. One potential drawback is that with the cheapest (£129.95) option you’ll need to convert the presentations specifically for the device using desktop software, this does however retain all rich text, images, charts, graphs, animations and slide transition effects.

If you want an on-the-fly conversion tool you’ll need to go for the business version which is actually better suited to groups of 20 users and costs a hefty £699.

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