Juniper predicts 1.7m Mobile WiMax subscribers for 2007


A new study from Juniper Research  forecasts that the number of Mobile WiMax subscribers will grow from 1.7 million in 2007 to 21.3 million worldwide in 2012 following the initial release of certified equipment in 2007. However, the report predicts higher growth in developing regions where the technology will leapfrog 3G. Developed regions such as South Korea and Japan are expected to see a reduced adoption rate. A free whitepaper and further details of the study are available at Juniper Research’s website.

Other highlights and findings of the report include:
* The global market for Mobile WiMAX equipment including base stations and CPE equipment is estimated to reach $2.53bn by 2012.
* Juniper Research predicts that Mobile WiMAX services will be primarily data driven and that the voice services market will be less than 10% of the total Mobile WiMAX services market in 2012

* North America will be one of the largest markets for Mobile WiMAX voice services and is expected to make up 32% of the total worldwide market in 2012.

* Juniper Research have identified a greater interest amongst OEMs in a dual mode WiMAX – WiFi product rather than a dual mode WiMAX – 3G solution.

* Fixed Internet providers are more comfortable with using Mobile WiMAX as a fixed wireless solution rather than competing with incumbent mobile carriers

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