Review: World Cup smartphone software

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Smartphone users running the Windows Mobile 5.0 operating system can now download handy World Cup applications from Handango. Costing $4.99, Soccer Information Manager provides information about the fixtures, locations and starting times for each of the games. Just put the results of the matches in as they are played and the software will automatically calculate the tables and the details for the final rounds.

Also available for $4.99, FIFA World Cup 2006 provides detailed information from the last three World Cups (Korea/Japan 2002, France 1998 and USA 1994) including all the World Cup winning teams from 1930 onwards.

Other useful information includes the highest scoring World Cup games
of all time (1954 – Austria 7, Switzerland 5) and the biggest margins
of victory (1954 – Hungary 9 Korean Republic 0, 1974 – Yuglosavia 9, Zuyir 0). Best of all the FIFA World Cup 2006 application automatically updates results from the internet.

Neither piece of software is going to win any major awards, but if you want to appear smart in front of your mates and can’t be bothered learning loads of World Cup trivia then they are quite useful.

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