BSOD Heart-Stopper — Relax, It's Only A Screensaver…

Propellerhead Top Tip

The BSOD, in case you didn’t know is the Blue Screen of Death, which pops up on Windows PC following a crash or serious problem with the operating system. They used to be a depressingly regular feature on older versions of Windows but you don’t seem them so often with XP but believe me, they still happen, and when they do it’s usually when you are right in the middle of something important, or you haven’t saved your work recently.

The BSOD screensaver is a fiendish rendition of the dreaded blue screen that’s guaranteed to provide you with a few heart-stopping moments, until you remember that it’s only a screensaver and if you move the mouse or press a key it goes away. Propellerhead wouldn’t dream of suggesting anyone places it

on a colleague’s PC as a prank because that would just be plain mean, and you shouldn’t be messing with other people’s computers, but the reaction it gets from those who aren’t expecting it, is very funny. It works with all versions of Windows, displaying the appropriate BSOD and eventually cycles to other alert or boot-up screens so there’s plenty to keep you amused.  Don’t forget there are hundreds much more practical hints and tweaks over at PCTopTips.

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