Plans for .xxx domains scrapped


Plans to create a specific domain for pornography websites ending with .xxx have been dropped by internet regulator ICANN after years of arguments over the positive and negative impact.

The news hasn’t gone down well with everyone. Jonathan Robinson, chief operating officer of NetNames said: "ICANN is possibly hiding away from the truth and further political controversy – it is widely known that there is plenty of adult content on the Internet and one way to make a step in the right direction of ring fencing that content could have been with the .xxx domain name. The .xxx domain name may well have made it easier for web users to avoid, or locate online adult content."

Opponents of the domain, in particular US religious groups, have claimed it would legitimise pornography, whilst others have voiced doubts about how successful it would be. As signing up for .xxx would be voluntary, there was no guarantee pornographers would move material to the new domain, especially if they have established themselves on other well-known sites.

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Dave Walker
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