E3: SanDisk RapidGX Memory Stick and High-speed card reader


The PSP is once again a highlight of the E3 show and many companies are
trying to get a piece of the action. SanDisk has earned itself a
reputation with good memory/storage solutions already and has now upped
the pace with its new 1GB RapidGX Memory Stick PRO Duo. It is so titled
because it offers improved read and write speeds and thus helps cut
down on time spent waiting for your music and videos to transfer over.

For a limited amount of time SanDisk is kindly packing a High-Speed
MicroMate Card reader with the card, which is worth $40 itself. Then
you also have a SanDisk’s own PSP media conversion software that will
make sure your music and vids are formatted properly for the PSP and
transfer them to the right place. It’s set to cost $84.99, which is
about £45 at the moment so it seems pretty reasonable.

However, if 1GB simply isn’t enough for all your vids, SanDisk is also
about to launch a massive 4GB MS PRO Duo which will give you space for
about 20 hours of movies or 64 hours of music. Unsurprisingly it will
cost nearly as much as the PSP itself at $219.99 (around £115) but if
your still languishing with the packaged 32MB card that comes with the
Value Pack, one of these could transform your console entirely.

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