Nintendo DS Lite – UK price and official UK launch date


The new Nintendo DS Lite now has a launch date for the UK – 23rd June 2006. Nintendo has also confirmed a price, which is £99.99.

The DS Lite will be available in two iPod-like colours on the launch day, shiny black and white. As the name suggests, it’s essentially a lighter version of the original DS console, which has shifted more than 4 million units across Europe since its launch.

The DS Lite has all the existing features of the Nintendo DS, but in smaller and lighter packaging – 60g less than the original and around two thirds of the size. It does boast a couple of improvements too – adjustable screen brightness, a repositioned microphone and a larger and more comfortable stylus. It will be available alongside the original DS as a "premium" alternative, which seems odd as the original also currently sells for around the £100 price point.

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