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We’ve all heard about the online musical success stories – bands like the Arctic Monkeys, who used the net to build a following, without the need for the record label publicity machine. Yet they still needed a label to sell some records. That could change if the newly-launched is a success.

indiestore enables artists to build their own download store, earn cash from the sales of their tracks and secure a chart position in official charts in the UK, US and 20 other countries. In addition, artists can promote their gigs and stay in touch with their fans on their own indiestore. Bands receive 80 per cent of money from sales through indiestore.

Artists can create their own store, upload their tracks and be ready to make their first sale in less than 15 minutes – no technical skills are required. The free version of the service lets artists sell up to four tracks, with the pro version good for up to 20 tracks. In addition to a shop, every indiestore has a blog, photo gallery, events calendar, mailing lists and forum – ideal for building a fanbase.

For an idea of how a store can look, check out this one from the band Paris Motel.

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