Propellerhead Top Tip

Given the choice we’re guessing some of you will like them thin and skinny, others will prefer them to be thick and chunky. We are of course talking about scrollbars the sliding doohickeys down the side and sometimes along the bottom edges of your windows. Well, Propellerhead has found a way to change the width, and it’s a global change that will apply to all of your programs. Simply open Display Properties (Display in Control Panel or right-click an empty area of the desktop and select Properties). Make you way to the Appearance tab and click the Advanced button then on the ‘Item’ drop-down menu select Scrollbars, use the size box to make your change and click OK.  By the way the default size is 13. You may need to know that so you can put it back to normal after playing around with it; the maximum size (100) it is rather eye catching… When you’ve got Windows back to normal why not head over to the BootLog site for even more great Tips and Tweaks

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