E3: Sony "me too" approach slammed by Ubisoft exec


In an E3 workshop on next-generation game design, Clint Hocking,
creative director of Ubisoft‘s Montreal studio, has slammed Sony and
the PS3 for its copycat approach to other’s technology. First
criticising Sony’s copying of Microsoft’s Xbox Live service, Hocking
went on to lambast the company for the presumed addition of
motion-sensing technology to the PS3’s controller after seeing
Nintendo’s Wii device. "How much more ‘me too’ can Sony be?" Hocking

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In the controversial speech, Hocking also went on to attack the
"fundamental problem of approach" of the games industry constantly
pushing better graphics. Hocking contends that producing higher and
higher-resolution images saps development time that would be better
spent on making gameplay more entertaining, particularly when the vast
majority of gamers don’t have High Definition playback capabilities.
Unsurprisingly, Hocking’s a big fan of Nintendo’s Wii – for its
innovative control mechanism and lack of emphasis on graphics

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