Yo Yo Pop cable winder for iPod

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The headphone cable – a prehistoric legacy of the portable player – from the old cassette Walkman to your latest iPod, you always have to deal with a knotted cable in the bottom of your bag or in your pocket. The strangely-named Cable Yo Yo Pop could put an end to that.

Sticking a Cable Yo Yo Pop on your iPod could well mean the end of nagging knots in your cable. It’s a plastic panel with suction cup and headphone clip that attaches to your player. The panel can also be used separately without the suction cup as a belt clip to hold earphone cables.

But it’s a little more than that – you can make your iPod look a little more hip with one of 10 interchangeable decal stickers that come with every Cable Yo Yo Pop.  The Pop comes in black and white, with different sticker designs for each colour.

Compatible with all iPods apart from the shuffle, you can pick it up for around £7.

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Dave Walker
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