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Leading UK motor parts retailer Halfords is retailing its own answer to the iTrip in the form of the Revo FM Modulator, which lets you listen to music from your iPod (or other MP3 player) through your car stereo for less than £30.

The Revo FM Modulator connects your player to the car stereo via an FM signal through the car’s stereo radio tuner on a pre-set frequency.  A 3.5mm headphone jack is inserted into the headphone socket, so control is retained by the MP3 player for track selection, volume, treble and bass.

The Revo Modulator also takes its power from the car stereo rather than the player, so you get a longer batter life. And Halfords says this is legal (as opposed to current UK use of an iTrip). The downside could be a rather tricky installation process, which Halfords will do for £40 – bumping the total price to nearer £70.

Halfords website

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