Webaroo – browse the internet offline


How would you you like to take the web and browse it later, offline, at your convenience? That’s what a new, free software service called Webaroo promises to do.

Webaroo takes the most relevant parts of the web and makes it downloadable. The initial service includes ‘web packs’ on particular subjects, such as news, World Cup 2006, London and other major cities worldwide, each of which contains thousands of relevant web pages on the topic, identified by Webaroo’s ‘unique algorithms’. Or if you want something specific, you can identify your favourite websites to download and search in one easy step. Whenever your device is reconnected to the web, all packs and sites are updated with the latest information automatically in the background.

There are obvious benefits – an offline search is fast as there’s no need to wait for each connection and of course, there’s no need to be connected or near a hotspot to browse the net and it’s free.

Webaroo will be bundled with some PCs in the future, but you can try it out now if you visit www.webaroo.com

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Dave Walker
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