Two Printers For The Price Of One

Propellerhead Top Tip

If you regularly need to switch between two settings on your printer (i.e. portrait and landscape mode, etc.) when printing from different applications, you can avoid a lot of messing around with thie tip from Propellerhead, which makes Windows believe that you have two or more printers. Open Printers and Faxes on the Start menu and right-click into an empty space (XP) or double-click the Printers folder in My Computer (Winsdows 9x), and click on Add New Printer and follow through the installation procedure for your existing printer.

At the point when Windows asks the printer’s name, change to default, Printer 2 for example. When the setup is complete right-click on the new printer icon, select Properties and change the settings as required. Now all you have to do is select the new printer in your application’s Printer Setup dialogue box, or simply drag and drop the file onto the Printer 2 icon. There’s plenty more great PC tweaks where that came from over in the Top Tips archive on the BootLog website at

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