PS3 getting an early kicking


The Enquirer is reporting that the PS3 has some way to go to reach its final, real hardware and hasn’t got much time. While developers and official magazines still, apparently, haven’t received test kits, the components currently are 50 per cent too big for the "empty" boxes Sony have been saying are PS3s. Worse, components manufacturers still haven’t been totally signed on, leaving little time for debugging. The conclusion: PS3 may not be here until "next spring".

PS3 fansite PS3Portal also claims to have new information on the operating system that the PS3 runs. The PS3’s system, like the Xbox 360’s, and unlike previous consoles, runs constantly underneath any game you’re playing. That’s so the consoles can provide better online services and more coherent user-interfaces etc. throughout. But according to PS3Portal, the PS3’s operating system is a lot bigger and takes up a lot more processing power than the Xbox 360’s. "In the case of the Xbox 360, this cost is approximately 2% of total CPU time and 6.25% of the Xbox 360’s total available RAM. In the case of the PS3 this equates to 14% of the available CPU power and 18.75% of RAM." Ouch, if true.

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