Microsoft offers latest beta version of IE7


Microsoft has moved a step closer to the official launch of Internet Explorer 7 by unveiling a second beta test version of the broswer, this time aimed at technology enthusiasts – which I’m guessing means you.

The first beta version was aimed at developers, with the intention if ironing out any bugs in the code. This second version is for users to test and give feedback to the computing giant. IE7 boasts enhanced security and privacy protection as its main features. Users will be notified if they visit a known phishing website, for instance, and will be able to clear the browser’s history logs and cookies more easily. And if you’re  a fan of Firefox, you’ll be pleased to know that IE7 will also feature tabbed browsing and support for RSS feeds.

Internet Explorer 7 is slated for release in the second half of this year, bugs permitting. No addition features are present in this latest beta version.

You can download and test this latest version here

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