Xb360 camera details emerge


The Games Developers Conference has thrown up a whole load of interesting bits of news this year including more details on the Xbox 360 camera. It has a nine foot long cable that plugs into the back of your 360 and it enables both still image and video recording, with control and functionality integrated into the Xbox dashboard.

Its most intriguing feature is the gesture recognition which is aimed at taking real life body movements and putting them in the game. Kind of like the Revolution controller then.

The potential weakness with such a system is that they tend to be made thinking that everyone’s living room is a white-washed bare-walled cube with plenty of space for flapping your arms around. Still, this something worth keeping an eyetoy on. We’ll keep you posted.

via IGN

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  • the 360 cam will be good, but will it include the group chat update or will that come sooner i really hope so. Basically because i have some buds who all want to talk while playin’ THE ELDER SCROLLS 4 OBLIVION the best game ever. ive closed 5 gates in it YAY

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