How do you use your 3G phone?

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In a moment of great symmetry, the 3 network has turned 3 – and to celebrate, they’ve conducted a survey about the trends in video conversation – or to put it plainly, how people use their 3G phones.

And the upshot is a series of new descriptions of phone uses which very much sound like they were dreamt up by over paid trends agency staff after a bottle of Chablis or two. Actually they were…

Nevertheless I can see potential for Mobumentaries and especially The Andrew Marr Effect.

The full list in all its glory is after the turn.

How do you use your 3G phone?

Proofing – using a 3G handset to video anything from a celebrity sighting to bad service in a restaurant to use as visual evidence later on.

Mobumentaries – using your phones to create a mini-movie documenting your lives.

The Andrew Marr effect – Men’s tendency to adopt an alternative persona and give a running commentary in the style of a news report when recording on their phone.

Visual Vanity – Women turning their video phones on themselves for anything from applying makeup to trying on a new outfit for a more realistic view of how they look than in a mirror.

Talent scouting – the video mobile becomes the ultimate boy’s toy on a Saturday night as groups of mates undertake reconnaissance missions at different parties to find the best ‘talent’ of the opposite sex.

Virtual phone box – the tendency for people to create their own personal space to make a video call even if it means marking out a phone box size space by pacing in a small rectangle while on the phone.

Icebreakers – When introducing someone to another group in advance, people would record a short video message or ‘social passport” to send in advance of the meeting to break the ice.

Night safe – Girls using their video mobiles to record a clip of a cab driver before they got in, to send to a friend as a ‘safety bank’.

Video gloating – showing off via video covered everything from sending a clip of a new purchase to a football chant if their team had lost.

Citizen journalism – using 3’s service that allows people to upload their own ‘at-the-scene’ reports or celebrity spottings, and get paid for it.

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  • We are going to document the insanity road construction will have on a major freeway here in Michigan. Using a Nokia N90 & iMac via a Vlog.

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