The Electrosmog Detector


I’ve not previously heard of electrosmog, but apparently it’s an "invisible pollution" that eminates from wireless devices. And now you can search for it in your home with the Electrosmog Detector.

Electrosmog comes from wireless devices such as baby monitors, cordless phones and mobiles. It causes a condition called electrosensitivity with symptoms ranging from headaches and disruptive sleep patterns, to chronic fatigue, epilepsy and depression.

The Electrosmog Detector is in effect a Geiger counter for the digital world, so you can find out of there are any hot spots in your home and take action against it. If there’s a problem, you’ll hear a pulsing sound, which accelerates with the risk. It detects emissions from equipment operating between 50MHz and 3000MHz which includes all of the mobile phone frequencies and most wireless devices in use around the world.

If you want to check out your house, you can pick one up an Electrosmog Detector for around £57.

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