Stitch Your Pix

Propellerhead Top Tip

If you have a digital camera you’ve got to try AutoStitch. This ingenious little program, unearthed by Propellerhead, is a brilliant way to create spectacular panoramic images, and it’s almost foolproof. Simply stand in one spot and snap away trying to capture as much of what you can see as possible. You don’t have to worry about overlapping, or taking shots in sequence, the program takes care of all that for you, seamlessly matching images and blending them together into one picture. It’s fully automatic, simply launch the program, tell it which images to use and away it goes. This is a fully functional freeware demo and it will open the finished image in your default image editing program, which you can then save and print as normal. There’s tons more tips and links to some of the best freeware and shareware around over on the BootLog website at

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