Beeb's Blue Peter badge ban


I never really like Blue Peter. Maybe it’s because I was rubbish at making things out of egg trays and washing-up liquid bottles, perhaps it was because all the presenters reminded me of school teachers – or it could well have been because I never had a Blue Peter badge.

As a kid, they were useful things, getting you into places for free while your mates had to pay up – not very exciting places, usually art galleries and museums, but at least it was something for nothing. Over at Bayraider, news comes in that the Beeb is now tackling unscrupulous types that are flogging their BP badges on eBay. Not very well it would seem, as the Bayraider folk have found well over 200 still listed.

I’m not suggesting you bid for one, but if you want to find out why the BBC is blocking the Blue Peter badge trade and where the remaining badges are listed, head on over to Bayraider now.

Dave Walker
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