Shortcut to Windows Device Manager

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If you are anything like us and can’t resist fiddling with your PC then you’ll be no stranger to the Windows Device Manager. It’s the place to go when you need to sort out driver problems and tinker with hardware configuration settings. The quickest way we know to get to it is to use the keyboard shortcut Winkey + Break then click Hardware and the Device Manager button, which all gets to be a bit of a chore when you need to get to it for the unpteenth time. Now we’ve found an even faster way, a one-click desktop or Quick Launch shortcut. It’s dead easy, just right click on an empty portion of your desktop and click New > Create Shortcut. Use the Browse button to work your way to the file ‘devmgmt.msc’, which you should find in C:WINDOWSsystem32, select the file, click Next, give the shortcut a name click Finish and the deed is done. Got a PC problem? Then head over to Propellerhead and for hundreds more great Top Tips pop along to the BootLog website at

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