Samsung's Smart Oven


After sitting through the past few weeks of Masterchef Goes Large, it’s easy to believe that cooking is some exacting science best left to the professional. In truth it’s not – anyone can cook, it all depends if you can be bothered to do it.

If you really can’t summon up the energy to turn on a cooker and fill a pan with fresh ingredients, may I introduce you to the Samsung Smart Oven. It uses "Smart Codes" – unique 2D barcodes with pre-programmed settings for pre-prepared meals from frozen food kings Birds Eye. Scan the code, throw in the box and your meal will be cooked "to perfection".

Ideal for those with a busy lifestyle – though personally, I wouldn’t like to face a lifetime of ready meals, convenient or not.

The oven is available now for around £300.

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Dave Walker
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