Revolution specs unearthed


Although Nintendo has yet to officially announce precise details of its next-gen console, still codenamed the Revolution, games website IGN has compiled a likely set of figures from “a variety of trusted development sources”. These don’t hold many surprises and confirm what Nintendo has been saying all along – that the new console isn’t trying to engage itself in the high tech battle that Microsoft and Sony are throwing themselves into, instead focusing on a quiet, inexpensive and compact.

Without going into the nitty-gritty of clock speeds and so on, the new console makes a fair comparison to the original Xbox in terms of numbers, although obviously the architecture of each system differs greatly and that’s what really counts from a developer’s perspective.

In fact the Revolution runs on an extended version of the GameCube’s architecture which has made it very easy for development studios to get stuck right in without having to learn everything from scratch again, which should mean that games will not only run better but are cheaper to make too.


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One thought on “Revolution specs unearthed

  • I was amazed at the REVO specs, especially if they don’t improve texture and lighting abilities too. I would be extremely pissed if this does not happen, as the REV will look antiquated next to 360 and ps3. I also think the price should be £100 or under with all games priced £39.99 or under.
    If the above prices are set higher i wouldn’t purchase this machine. I also am a Ninty fan, and considering the REV is basically a souped up more mature looking Gamecube, with greater storage capacity for games, with a new controlling device with more memory.
    The cost of producing games for it would be greatly cheaper and less time consuming than a 360 or ps3 title, but if third party devs charged the same price of 360,ps3 titles i think this would be a complete rip off, and would get either of the other 2 versions instead. If this happens i think the REV will fail miserably.

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