One million to go HD in UK over next year


With the launch of Sky HD in May and the BBC promising a high definition World Cup over summer, it seems we’re starting to take the idea of HDTV more seriously. And that means sales of up to one million HD-ready sets over the next year.

According to Continental Research’s Spring 2006 Digital TV Report, just two per cent of the UK has a HD-ready TV right now, with seven per cent very interested in converting and 36 per cent quite interested in the new technology. From that data, they reckon that equates to between 800,000 and one million purchases.

General awareness of HDTV was found to be good, with around 66 per cent of those surveyed aware of what it was – that figure rises to a total of 77 per cent of men. Thouhg worryingly, 57 per cent of people were unaware that a HD-ready set-top box was required as in addition the TV to enjoy HDTV.

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