Nabaztag – the Wi-Fi Bunny

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Ever thought of how much time you waste messing with your mobile, checking your email or looking for website updates? Why bother, when a cute bunny can do it all for you!

But this isn’t any ordinary bunny, this is Nabaztag – the intelligent Wi-Fi Bunny and the first of a new breed of interactive personal companions. Permanently connected to the internet via a wireless connection, he handles your personal information 24 hours a day. Set his behaviour through your personal profile on his website – the more you tell him, the more interactive he becomes. For example, Nabaztag will wiggle his ears when you get an important message, or his nose will turn blue when rain is on the way. I’m hoping there’s also a barrage of abuse when your team concede a last minute goal.

There are different levels of service – "free rabbit" offers you messages and alerts without charge, while "full rabbit" offers additional feed alerts, the ability to send MP3s and personalised email, with Nabaztag actually reading out your received messages. More disturbingly, Nabaztag can also marry – or rather, form a relationship with your best friend’s bunny. The less said about that the better I think! Available from this month priced around £80.

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