More HD Ready LCDs from JVC


JVC has introduced us to two new HD-Ready DynaPix LCD TV
series. Both have integrated digital and analogue tuners and use JVC’s
Digital Image Scaling Technology (DIST) which uses a single processor
basically to improve the picture quality. Most importantly, the DynaPix
system reduces noise from either analogue, digital, DVD or HD inputs
and intelligently decides which type of input it is to apply the right
amount of three different noise reduction techniques.

The flag ship of these two series is the LT-40DS7,
a 40″ model and definitely the slicker of the two. It is compatible
with up to 1080i HD signals and come equipped with two HDMI inputs for
that purpose. Also, like several HD Ready TVs we’ve seen emerge, these
have a PC input making it a potentially great addition to a Media
Center setup. The LT-40DS7 should sell for around £2000.

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The LT-DR7 series will be available in 26″, 32″ and
37″ sizes. Like their larger sibling they also boast the 2 x HDMI, 2 x
SCART and an S-Video input. The integrated 20W speakers probably won’t
blow you away but at least make an effort to enhance bass sounds by
using MaxxBass technology to give them some extra punch. Prices of
these models will range between £900 and £1700 respective to size.

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