LG's 100-inch LCD leviathan

CeBIT 2006, TVs

Not only has LG.Philips snatched Samsung’s previous ‘largest LCD TV’
record away, it has made a mockery of it by somehow forging a device
nearly 1.5 times its size. Despite its vast proportions (2.2 x 1.2
metres), the 100 inch device is still able to boast a 5 millisecond
response time, 3,000:1 contrast ratio and 180 degree viewing angle.

Obviously nothing like this is actually going to be commercially
available and you’d probably need a crane to move it around. But
hitting the 100 inch mark is important, not because it is so much
larger than the previous 82 inch record, but because it is so much
closer to the current plasma TV record held by Panasonic for 103 inches.


CeBIT 2006: The world’s largest backlit LCD TV

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