Cebit 2006: LG's 42-inch plasma TV with built-in DVR


With one eye on those of us not wishing to miss a minute of the World Cup, LG has used Cebit to launch the space-saving 42PC1RR, a 42-inch plasma TV with built-in Digital Video Recorder (DVR) that lets you pause, rewind and replay live TV.

The Digital Video Recorder is integrated into the HD ready plasma TV with 80GB of hard disc storage, which should be enough for around 40 hours programming. It also has continuous automatic recording in 1-hour intervals, so you can (for example) watch a film 5 minutes behind the original broadcast or enjoy England’s World Cup winning goal over and over again.

The 42-inch plasma TV features LG’s XD Engine, which turns analogue TV systems to a digital level producing pictures that are brighter and with better contrast and detailing. It also features LG’s Clear Filter, which cuts reflection in bright environments and it supports HDMI.

No price or date for availability as yet.

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Dave Walker
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