CeBIT 2006: The world's largest backlit LCD TV

CeBIT 2006, TVs

just wouldn’t be a technology expo without some kind of record breaking mammoth telly. Luckily Samsung has been kind enough wheel out another ‘world’s largest’ for the show. Showing off an 82 inch TV with LED backlighting, Samsung has claimed itself another record and its backlighting technology helps boost the colour reproduction in the giant device by as much as 33%.

Improved contrast enhancement technology also means that it is now capable of a 7000:1 contrast ratio and our eco-friendly readers might be pleased to hear that it is built from environment friendly mercury-free materials.

For those of you keeping score, Samsung held the previous record for the largest ordinary LCD at 82 inches. That, however, was smashed just yesterday by a 100 inch behemoth made by LG.

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