The 'back to basics' media player


Do you pine for the days when playing audio and video files on your PC was easy? You know, wghen you just had to pop in the disc or click on the icon and it played, without the need for complex applications that try to organise your files, create playlists and download additional information from the Internet.

Over at Propellerhead, they feel the same and have highlighted a media player without all the whistles and bells. It’s Media Player Classic. It uses very few of your PC’s resources and it’s Open Source freeware, based on an early version of WMP. But best of all, it can play just about any type of media file, including DVD, DivX videos, QuickTime, Realmedia, AVI, MP3 and CD audio.

Interested? Head on over to Propellerhead now for the full story.

Dave Walker
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