Samsung's flash players go large

MP3 players

To make your mark in the music player market, you really need to do something special. If it’s not Apple, there are the likes of Creative, iRiver and well, just about every electronics manufacturer in the world to contend with. To keep up with the pack, Samsung have boosted their YP-T8Q and YPU1Q flash players to a new 2GB size.

Both players support MP3, WMA, WMA DRM, WAV, OGG and ASF music formats and feature voice recording function and an FM tuner. The YP-U1Q (pictured left), around the size of a packet of chewing gum, plugs into the USB port to transfer tracks and recharge – a full charge should give you 13 hours playback. The 4 line white LCD screen displays battery life, track number, artist name and song titles, allowing music lovers to select and monitor their sound track programme.

The YP-T8Q (pictured right) is more multimedia with a 1.8 inch screen and supporting video, audio and photo playback, with 5 built-in games to keep you busy with your hands. Battery life for music playing is good too – 20 hours from one PC charge.

The 2GB models of the YP-T8Q and YP-U1Q are available now for around £189 and £119 respectively. Sounds good – but with the Samsung YP-Z5 on the horizon and available as a 4GB model, it might be as well to wait.

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