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You’d be forgiven for thinking that the only portable player in the world was the iPod. Yes, it rules the market, but there are others of varying shapes and sizes – and almost all will work with the iGroove.

The iGroove, from leading US audio firm Klipsch, fits all models of iPod thanks to an adjustable sliding support, plus a special insert for the nano and mini. And it will even deal with your PSP, mobile phone or non-Apple player with a J-Cup adaptor that allows any audio device with a standard headphone jack to play.

Klepsch promises top-notch sound with a sophisticated network that delivers all highs to 1-inch Micro-Tractrix Horn-loaded tweeters and the lows to the 2.5-inch composite woofers.  What does it mean? A real depth of music on a par with your big old stereo system. The iGroove can also reproduce more deep bass frequencies than similar models thanks to a low-turbulence, tuned port located on the rear of the cabinet. 

The iGroove also features a remote and charges your iPod whilst playing. You should be able to pick one up for around £200 from March.

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