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New MP3 players with all that empty space – wouldn’t it be great if they came full of music when you bought them? Well, Dixons are doing just that – but before you cancel your download subscription, it might not be the music you were hoping for.

The electrical retailer will load free music on selected MP3 players, but the artists featured will be new and emerging acts. It’s the result of a partnership with Pulse Rated, a net radio station that plays music from emerging acts worldwide. They’ve shortlisted the best 60 acts from across the musical spectrum to feature on selected MP3 players – one track from each artist.

The initial players that will feature the unsigned bands will be the 512MB and 1GB Logik MP3 players. These retail at £39.99 and £64.99 respectively..

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One thought on “Dixons offers free MP3 music

  • I bought a Logik WMA-MP3 flash player last month
    and spent hours loading my music. Yesterday the battery went flat and the thing turned itself of. When I replaced the battery and started it up it could not find the music files. Connected it to my PC to find out that all of my music had gone. Was just wondering if anybody else has had the same problem.

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